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You dream of knowing exactly what it is that sparks your curiosity and lights you up. 

You want to have your cake and eat it too.

But you feel too burnt out to know how to get there.

I am a trusted advisor for high-achieving women in their 30’s who have excelled in their careers but ache for deeper fulfillment.

You’re here because you have the title, the education, even the salary-  but something is missing. You’re a high achiever and ambitious, but you feel as if your talents are being underutilized. The methods that have gotten you this far are no longer working. You want to feel more excitement and satisfaction in your day to day but you don’t know how to get out of your own way…

You want an individualized approach to clarify what it is that makes you tick. You want to feel fulfilled and live a life of value beyond your resume. Maybe it’s starting that side hustle, reconnecting with sports you played as a kid, adopting a child of your own, writing your poetry, hiking national parks… 



Here are my services

Meet Alexandra Trevisan

Alexandra Trevisan is a speaker and trusted advisor for high achieving women in their 30’s who have excelled in their career but ache for deeper fulfillment. Through strategic coaching, she facilitates clarity with clients by re-designing a life that combines success and significance.

Together We Will

   • Rediscover what fills you all the way up, beyond the career

   • Utilize your natural ambition towards your true passion

   • Maximize your performance in the workplace by implementing new habits

   • Clarify exactly what you want to give AND get out of life

   • How to keep the high achieving lifestyle and incorporate your passion

   • Balance your left (analytical) brain and your right (creative) brain 

Client Success Stories

Working with Alexandra changed the game for me. I thought I had it all figured out, I felt steady in my job and secure in my relationship. Nothing was necessarily ‘going wrong’ for me. I had reached this point where I had gotten what I had always worked for, but somewhere deep down, there was a void. I wasn’t anxious or depressed but felt a lingering sensation of emptiness. Working with Alexandra helped me to prioritize myself in a new way.
Lena, 31
Advertising Account Manager
I had it all. So I thought...I was a Program Manager working full time in the entertainment industry. My role was significant and I was in a position to help a lot of people. It was a world that so many would give anything to be a part of but I felt lost, stagnant and my spark was quickly fading. I wanted so bad to have that internal fire back.
Jennifer, 38
Former Program Manager Currently Interior Designer