1:1 coaching is an intimate partnership. Due to the extremely personalized quality of uncovering your purpose, 

Alexandra only takes on 5 clients a month. 

She does this so she can remain deeply dedicated and available to each person’s mission to revitalize their passion. 

For consideration for one of the five monthly slots, please select a package and complete the application.

1:1 Coaching: 3 Months

Expand Your Success With Profound Significance

3 months: 9 sessions 

If you want to feel deep fulfillment and satisfaction, but are overworked and unclear of where to start, then this 3 month coaching intensive is for you. 

Your custom coaching experience is 3 months of intentional action and accountability. We work together to figure out what you want and how to get there. No fluff or dwelling on the past, you are ready to put in the work and make the change you wish to see in the next chapter of your life.

No more underutilizing your natural given ambition and work ethic. I teach you what questions to ask and what steps to take to unveil your passions and spark your inner fire.

Depending on your goals you could walk away with clarity on:

 Your purpose

 Your life’s mission

 Game plan of how to implement your purpose in your life (Career change? New hobby? Creative Endeavor?) 

 Exactly what you want your life to look and feel like *hello – moving, new boyfriend, adoption, attainable bucket list

 Access to my personal passion project and its virtual events and community 

 10+ methods of what to do when a “funk” hits

 How to move from “surviving” to “thriving”

Conscious leadership skills

What Is It?

• 3 months of coaching

• 1:1 75 min for 3 months (9 sessions)

• Access on Slack during working hours

• Evaluation of inner archetypes at work

• Biopsychosocial Healthcare Assessment


• 1 Hour Follow Up One Month Out

• 1 Hour Follow Up Three Months Out

• 5 Step Plan on how to access Passion with typed out notes

• Details on how Left + Right Brain Activity Relates to Your Feminine and Masculine Polarity

• Access to Virtual Workshops

Investment: $2,197