Alexandra Trevisan


1:1 coaching is an intimate partnership. Due to the extremely personalized quality of uncovering your purpose, 

Alexandra only takes on 5 clients a month. 

She does this so she can remain deeply dedicated and available to each person’s mission to revitalize their purpose and power. 

For consideration for one of the five monthly slots, please select a package and complete the application.

1:1 Coaching: 3 Months

Reignite Your Spark and Embody Your Unique Power

3 months: 9 sessions 

If you want to feel deep fulfillment and satisfaction, but feel burnt out and unclear of how to to start, then this 3 month coaching intensive is for you. 

Your custom coaching experience is 3 months of intentional action and accountability. We work together to figure out exactly what you want out of life. No fluff or dwelling on the past, you are ready to put in the work and make the change you wish to see in the next chapter of your life.

No more underutilizing your natural given ambition and work ethic. I teach you what questions to ask and what steps to take to unveil your power and spark your inner fire.

I do this through a five step process:

 Running Diagnostics

    A comprehensive intake process to understand where you are at and where you need to go. I incorporate elements of psychology, sociology, and physiology when running diagnostics. I utilize Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to diagnose specifically what is and is not working so you get out of your own way.  No time to waste, your destiny is calling.

 Differentiating Discipline from Devotion

     Finding the juicy spot between levity and depth; the intersection between inspiration and execution. I teach you how to handle your tasks and duties from a heart centered and soul-led way.

 Applying Your Unique Wisdom

     Understanding the mental frameworks for how you interact with and experience the world. Your life experience and observation have taught you individualized Truths (capital T for emphasis). I help you discover these personalized Truths and teach you how to embody them in how you show up for yourself, your relationships, and your work. This is where we blend belief’s and behavior. 

 Right + Left Brain Integration

     Learning how to coalesce your ability to analyze and create. I help you get clear on the various archetypes at work in your life through self-reflection and exploration processes. I teach you how to creatively harness the power of each of these internal archetypes when establishing your passion and purpose.  (Example: Inner Judge, Inner Victim, Inner Mother, Inner Creator)

 Creating a 6 Month Game Plan

     How to fold your dreams into everyday life. I restore your faith in your own capabilities outside your resume by integrating all the work accomplished in the previous steps. We create a step by step game plan for the next 6 months after your coaching container ends.

Depending on your goals you could walk away with clarity on:

Your purpose

Your life’s mission

Your unique wisdom

How to stop self-sabotaging patterns

Game plan of how to implement your purpose in your life (Innovation in the Workspace? New hobby? Creative Endeavor?)

Exactly how you want to feel on a daily basis (Creative? Free? Adventurous?) and how to integrate these feelings into your everyday routine and behavior *hello – starting a travel blog, initiating themed dinner parties, joining a like minded women’s community, freelance interior designing, implanting ingenuity in the workplace to support mental wellness of the team, the list is endless…


What Is It?

• 3 months of coaching

• 1:1 75 min for 3 months (9 sessions)

• Access on Slack during working hours

• Evaluation of inner archetypes at work

• Biopsychosocial Well-being Assessment

• Weekly at home assignments in between coaching calls

This Program Is For You If:

• You’re tired of playing small, and ready to get to work

• You are perpetually burning out with your job, always planning another trip: stuck in this cycle of working hard, playing hard, and burning out

• You are intrigued by the concept of “stepping into your power” and desire a complete up level in how you show up in life

• You want a step by step game plan of how to realize your passion and purpose

• You have a lot of ideas but don’t know how to get them off the ground

• You have an incredible work ethic but don’t know how to harness it in the direction of your true passion


• 1 Hour Follow Up One Month Out

• 5 Step Plan on how to access your Power with typed out notes

• Details on how Left + Right Brain Activity Relates to Your Feminine and Masculine Polarity

• Access to ALL Virtual Workshops

Investment: $2,197

Download Your Free Archetype Assessment Worksheet