Alexandra Trevisan

is a speaker and trusted advisor for high-achieving women in their 30’s who have excelled in their careers but ache for deeper fulfillment. Through strategic coaching, she facilitates clarity with clients by re-designing a life that combines success and significance.

Her unique background as a licensed chiropractor with dual degrees in psychology and religion from Wake Forest University offers a distinctive technique to personal development. Alexandra received her doctorate of Chiropractic from the Southern California University of Health Sciences.

This in conjunction with her dual degree in psychology and the academic study of religion has provided her with formal education and expertise in the realm of wellness: solidifying a comprehensive and academic understanding of mind, body, and spirit. With years of experience treating patients through this lens, Alexandra has refined a method emphasizing how small changes can drive powerful results.


Fueled by her passion for others to achieve self-actualization, Alexandra pursued coaching and speaking to reach a wider audience. Her coaching program is a safe space for deep vulnerability and relentless accountability. Alexandra only takes on a few clients a month to ensure her support and attention are strategically targeted toward her client’s success. She hosts live workshops and virtual round table discussions to engage with self-driven women monthly and expand her conscious community. Clients finish Alexandra’s coaching with renewed clarity on their passions in life and expanded networking fostering deep relationships.

When not coaching and helping women revitalize their zest for life, Alexandra is likely finding new music, dancing, hitting the gym, deepening her spiritual practice, or learning about different ideologies of medicine, religion, and culture.


How We Can Work Together