Alexandra Trevisan


Alexandra Trevisan

I had always been a high achiever; straight A’s, attended a prestigious university, received my doctorate by the age of twenty-five. 

I had always felt satisfaction and validation from this ongoing achievement; a top performer who consistently excelled in whatever I set my mind to. 

Until one day, this began to change. After spending some time in the real world, this concept of satisfaction became elusive.

While working as a “successful” Chiropractor, I started to feel like something was off. 

Life felt boring and monotonous. I was living on a loop; always fantasizing about my next trip.

I felt stagnant; like I was underutilizing my natural talents and capabilities. I worked hard only to crave rest. I was in a cycle of perpetual burnout.

A voice kept creeping up in my head. My internal dialogue was reminiscing on being a student, preferring that lifestyle to the one I was currently living: the one where I was making money and tangibly helping people as a physician. I was confused and frustrated.

Only once I decided to humor this incessant internal voice, I recognized that it wasn’t school itself that I missed. I missed how I felt while I was a student. I missed the energy of learning, testing my own abilities and reaching new heights. I missed this sensation of invigoration when faced with new academic challenges. 

I realized that I missed school only because it was a container that offered a space of perpetual expansion. 

School gave me a glimpse of my own limitlessness. I could grow in several directions, exponentially.

This was a profound realization for me. I attuned to this truth; that we all have the capacity for everlasting expansion and individual limitlessness. I realized that I felt limited working as a physician. Instead of desiring to expand within the confines of my industry, I desired expansion in a much different way; a way that was aligned with the desires of my heart.

So, I became determined to tap into this feeling of expansiveness and fulfillment in a way outside of my profession. 

I went into the doldrums of my mind and excavated where I felt expansive, radiant, and limitless. I explored what was missing in my life. I read the books. I listened to the podcasts. I bought the workshops. I did the journal prompts and hired several coaches.

Once again, I became a student. But this time, I became a student who studied myself. I learned what lit me up, where I felt most alive and where I felt powerful. I learned what made me “tik”. 

I followed glimmers of these feelings into a portal of pure potentiality. 

I started my own passion project. I created a platform titled, Spiriosity: for the curious spirit. 

Spiriosity explores the culture and the human experience through spirituality, religion, psychology, and philosophy. This is what fueled my inner fire. I felt alive when engaged with these topics.

As it turned out, my days as a student had come in handy more than I initially expected. My dual degrees in psychology and the academic study of religion, as well as my expertise as a Holistic Chiropractor were somehow all related. My passion project, Spiriosity, was in fact, a creative endeavor that coalesced my academic interests and heart centered affinity for the mind, body, and spirit. 

I turned my formal education and inherent wonder into something that quenched my own spiritual curiosity. Throughout this process, a piece of my unique wisdom was revealed: 

The human experience = A spiritual experience 

I realized I had a deep desire within me to advocate for this personal truth.

Living in integrity with spirituality is to live in authenticity with your Truth

What makes the human experience a spiritual one, is to align with that sweet space of feeling alive, invigorated, passionate, and powerful. 

I realized I could neither embody this wisdom through my teachings and fun facts that I shared on my passion project’s platform nor as a physician in the medical community. While each of these outlets offered space to expand, they still neglected a piece of the puzzle for me.

Spiriosity made me realize that exploring narratives around how to live a full life was not just a hobby or something that made me feel nice. It was how I wanted to serve the greater good. It was how I wanted to show up in the world day in and day out. Sure, I was facilitating patients with physical symptomatology as a chiropractor, but I wanted to go far deeper than this in my service to the world.

I wanted to enhance the spiritual experience of others. I wanted to optimize the human experience of others. I wanted everyone to remember the feeling of aliveness on the inside; the feeling I had as a student, the feeling that percolated behind my passion project, Spiriosity.

Throughout this journey of profound introspect, I forged my own path as a Heart-Centered Leadership Coach who helps women tap into their passion, purpose, and power.

I created the opportunity for myself to expand and serve into the energetics of my own power, as a trusted advisor who facilitates this type of clarity with my clients. 

I understand my clients, as I too was a high achiever who ached for deeper fulfillment. I went through the process of discovering my own truth and learned how to embody this wisdom so that my clients do not have to go through this process alone.

I experimented with different levels of integrating interests and hobbies into my daily life. I understand the nuances of realistically incorporating deep desires into the big picture. I have curated a roadmap outlining the various routes towards passion and purpose. I lead and guide my clients on the fundamentals of fulfillment with this blueprint. 

I no longer burnout and ache for an escape.

Instead, I am committed to my mission. 

My life path. 

My destiny. 

Sometimes that requires rest, but even in that rest there is a powerful current within me that fuels my ongoing devotion to my calling.

Now, my identity is no longer someone who “needs to achieve” but rather someone who “wants to expand”.

That’s everyone’s identity, actually. A beacon of pure E X P A N S I O N- in your own unique way.

Wherever you feel completely invigorated and expansive on the inside…

That’s your spirituality…

That’s your passion…

That’s your purpose…

That’s your power…

And part of my purpose is to help remind you of this.

If you are ready to step into this light that lives within you- let’s get to work.

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