1:1 coaching is an intimate partnership. Due to the extremely personalized quality of uncovering your purpose, 

Alexandra only takes on 5 clients a month. 

She does this so she can remain deeply dedicated and available to each person’s mission to revitalize their passion. 

For consideration for one of the five monthly slots, please select a package and complete the application.

Self-Guided E-Course: 1 Month

Spark Your Curiosity

If you want to begin the quest for clarity and don’t know where to start, the self-guided e-course is for you. The fundamentals of fulfillment begin with curiosity. This seminar introduces small changes that drive major results. This is perfect if your time is limited and you want slow paced assets for self-discovery. 

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

This self-guided e-course gives you written, audio, and visual resources to expose you to new schools of thought and challenge your existing paradigms. 

Something is not working, and we are here to identify what that is and look into new avenues of success and satisfaction. 

What the E-Course Includes:

  • Daily Journal Prompts to unveil your true desires
  • Questions to clarify how to follow your passion
  • Workshop on Feminine Energy with Meditation
  • Women’s Circle on Finding Spirituality During Covid-19
  • Workshop on Beginning Thoughts of a Career Change
  • Workshops on Thought Provoking Questions to help clarify values and attune to your inner voice
  • 5 Virtual Workshops
  • 2 Timeless Self Reflective Exercises
  • 15 Book Recommendations

Investment: $297