Alexandra Trevisan


1:1 coaching is an intimate partnership. Due to the extremely personalized quality of uncovering your purpose, 

Alexandra only takes on 5 clients a month. 

She does this so she can remain deeply dedicated and available to each person’s mission to revitalize their purpose and power. 

For consideration for one of the five monthly slots, please select a package and complete the application.

Self-Guided E-Course: 1 Month

How To Get Out Of Your Own Way: Integrate Your Shadow and Unveil Your True Power

If you want to begin the quest for clarity and heart-centered leadership and don’t know where to start, the self-guided e-course is for you. The fundamentals of fulfillment begin with curiosity. This seminar introduces small changes that drive major results. This is perfect if your time is limited and you want slow-paced assets for self-discovery. 

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

Who’s stopping you from achieving your authentic power? That would be you, my friend. So let’s kick your self-sabotaging patterns to the side and make a new game plan. I am here to help you get out of your own way.

This self-guided e-course gives you written, audio, and visual resources to expose you to new schools of thought and challenge your existing paradigms. 

Something is not working, and we are here to identify what that is and look into new avenues of success and satisfaction. 

What the E-Course Includes:

Exercise 1: Examining Subconscious Beliefs with Thought Starter Workshops 

     Getting to know the voice inside your head and developing a deeper understanding of the beliefs that inform your internal dialogue is the very first step to aligning with your passion and purpose. This exercise includes 2 video workshops and associated activates to harness the power of your subconscious mind and conquer inner voice.

Exercise 2: Archetype Assessment

    Getting in touch with your passion, purpose, and power as a leader is about getting in touch with your feelings. What your feeling is informative of what inner archetype is at work. Is your inner Judge calling the shots and criticizing your every move? Or is your inner Creator asking you how you can add your own pizzaz to different elements of your life? This exercise gives you a step by step process to demolish your hurtful archetypes and step into your most expansive Self. 

Exercise 3: Passion Mapping

    Purpose is not something you create. You don’t just choose your purpose like you chose your major in college. It is something inherent in your soul-in your DNA. Therefore, instead of creating our passion, we must act as researchers in order to unveil the desires that dwell deep within us in order to step into our purpose. These exercises are intended to facilitate this unveiling process.

Exercise 4: Integration

    Understanding your core beliefs and how you want to carry out these beliefs through your actions is how you integrate your passion and purpose, in order to live in your unique and true power. These exercises teach you tangible action steps of how to carry out what you have learned in this course in your daily life.

Exercise 5: Daily Practice 

    This is where you have the opportunity to play around with what your life could look like after getting out of your own way and regularly engaging in behavior that aligns with your most alive Self.

Post Workshop Tools: 10 book recommendations 

This Course Is For You If:

  • You are sick of repeating the same patterns in your life
  • You keep coming back to the same thought process,” Why me?!”
  • You are ready to put in the work and do some deep digging into how you are getting in your own way
  • You want a step by step protocol of how to unveil what makes you feel most alive
  • You are eager to get your hands dirty with personal development work but have limited time to do so with your current schedule 
  • You are curious about what you bring to the table as a unique individual

Investment: $297

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