Alexandra Trevisan

Speaking & Events

I am a speaker and event host in the space of passion, purpose, and conscious leadership. I hold monthly events with my carefully curated community and speak on platforms of like-minded individuals. 


I update my community regarding ongoing events through my social media presence. To keep up with my dynamic flow of events, please visit my Instagram. To RSVP to the most pressing event of the month, please visit my Link Tree


Popular Speaking Events & Workshops Open For Booking

1.Passion + Purpose + Power Workshop 

In this workshop, I guide the attendees through self-reflective exercises to engage with the quandary of unveiling what it is that makes them sparkle and why this is imperative in their personal and professional lives.

  • Attendees walk away with specific strategies to increase their clarity on their passion and purpose by:
    • Defining what passion means to them and the importance of this subjective definition
    • Knowing what questions to ask to guide the quest of deep self-discovery and why this is helpful to making meaningful connections 
    • Tuning into what truths inform their reality and how they want to show up in their business/for their clients
    • Understanding the building blocks of integrating purpose in business and relationships once it is realized
    • Internalizing the emphasis on feeling vs. doing and how it relates to serving their market/community

2.Conscious Leadership Workshop

This workshop will requires participation from the attendees: mics on, video on, and active involvement in the conversation 

In this workshop there are no wrong answers and no absolutes. This is a safe space to explore our ow biases, values, and perspectives. This is a round table discussion to expose ourselves to new paradigms and engage with deep contemplation.

The workshop will include 4 Thought Starter Questions


  • What qualities do love and leadership share?
  • Is fulfillment cultivating a sense of feeling unique nor a sense of belonging?
  • Are we all meant to learn the same truths?
  • Are labels more helpful or harmful?

The goal of the event is to refine leadership skills and demolish self-limiting beliefs through:

  • Deep and active listening
  • Self-reflection
  • Awareness of internal dialogue and biases
  • Reorientation of personal values and belief systems
  • Exposure to new paradigms of thinking
  • Enhanced receptivity to new ideas and perspectives
  • Refreshed ability to “zoom-out” when engaged in problem-solving
  • Sharpened critical thinking skills

3.Harness Your Masculine + Feminine Energy to Channel Your Passion + Purpose

In this workshop, I guide the attendees through self-reflective exercises to engage with the quandary of how to marry the concepts of discipline and desire. I educate the participants on their inner masculine and inner feminine and how they must integrate these in order to create meaningful and fulfilling work. 

Attendees walk away with specific strategies to increase their understanding of heart-centered performance by:

  • Learning how to create boundaries that work for their specific goals 
  • Differentiating “want” from “need” in actualizing your goals
  • Conceptualizing how to show up for themselves through both “doing” and “being”
  • Understanding the nature of duality 
  • Internalizing the law of polarity and how to live in their totality 
  • Assessing if they have a masculine or feminine energy imbalance; evaluating if they are constantly trying to “fix” a situation or get lost in their emotions over a situation 
  • Learning how to honor their Truth
  • Redefining Sovereignty  

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