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Have you ever heard the phrase, “When it Rains it Pours”? Think of the days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, then your coffee spills on your white shirt, then, all your clients at work that day are cranky and irritable. And so it goes. It’s raining, its pouring, the old man is for sure snoring on this day because why not add some more fuel to this low vibrational fire. Well, this is the law of attraction. We’re about to wander through the land of what some of you guys call, “Woo Woo” so please fasten your seat belts prepare for take-off. 

On this day, when you just, “couldn’t catch a break”, the law of attraction was at work. You were the creator of what you experienced that day. Your energy (your cranky energy, I might add) placed you somewhere specific on the vibrational map. Woah Woah Woah. Wtf is a vibrational map? I like to use the solar system as a visual for explaining spiritual terminology. See my last blog here as another example of this. So, I am going to explain this to you utilizing the structure of the solar system (see visual if you already forgot the mnemonic to remember the order of the planets; my very eager mother just served us nine pizzas by the way).

Imagine the sun is pure positive energy. That feeling when you are walking on sunshine and blasting the music. The flowers smell amazing, there’s a perfect ice to liquid ratio in your drink, and the wind has the perfect amount of breeziness to it. The sun is joy. Now, as you move out further from the sun, the energy starts to shift a little bit. The power of positivity slowly weakens as we wander out into further orbits. As we enter the land of Mercury, we’re still feeling pretty good; perhaps passionate and enthusiastic. In Venus, our frequency continues to decrease, we might feel hopeful or optimistic. There is still positive energy here, but do you see how it is not as powerful as it was on the Sun or even on Mercury? Basically, as we get further away from the Sun, the vibration slowly decreases. With the vibrational gravitational pull of Pluto (who may or may not still be a planet) as the ultimate low. Think: Fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness. So, imagine on this day you were Saturn. Your cranky energy matched the frequency of Saturn and its orbit. You weren’t full-blown Pluto, could barely get out of bed, but you also weren’t an energetic match of the sun or nearby planets. All day you were hanging out in the land of Saturn. You and Oscar the Grouch, chilling. Misery loves company, as they say.

Your placement on this vibrational map operates on a specific energetic level- each planet, or “orbit” has its own frequency. Your placement on this vibrational map, operating at this specific frequency, has a magnetic force. This magnetic force attracts all other things operating at this same or similar vibrational frequency to it. It congregates energy that matches each other; think: “like attracts like”. When you were operating from a low vibrating frequency, you attracted other experiences that attracted this low vibration. Cranky = Cranky. If you’re cranky, you are not going to attract happy-go-lucky clients because they are not a vibrational match to you. They match the energy of Mercury and are hanging out over there.  This is why when it rains, it pours. If things are going poorly, they are going to continue going poorly if continue to operate from this vibrational frequency. If things are going well, they are going to continue going well (Que: It’s Raining Men), hallelujah. 

What is great about now having this knowledge, is that you have the ability to change the vibrational frequency you are operating from. If you woke up on Saturn, it’s within your control to slowly make your way toward the vibration of the Sun.  This is why paying attention to energy is so important. Energy is everything. Don’t @ me with telling me otherwise. You’ve heard it, “good vibes”, “bad vibes”, “weird vibes”. That’s energy. Ever met someone who gets mad all the time? Over the smallest things even? I call that sharp energy. Sharp energy attracts sharp energy so that guy is probably hanging out with another guy who loves to get mad all the time too, probably on Uranus. What about being around someone who makes you feel calm and comfortable? Safe energy. Recognizing that energy rules your experience is the foundation for understanding the law of attraction and ultimately tapping into the spiritual nature of the world. Once you understand that nonphysical energy is the ultimate Ruler, your spiritual journey is bound to expand. 

So, what is the Law of Attraction? It is the philosophy that any belief a person holds in their internal world, is reflected in them in their external world. If you hold the belief (by the way this belief may be conscious or unconscious) that the world is a safe and friendly place, your life experiences will provide evidence to support this belief. People might tend to open the door for you, you may often meet strangers in line, or have never experienced petty theft. These are very simple examples of how holding the belief that the world is a safe and friendly place may manifest in your world. The possibilities are endless. On the contrary, believing that the world is neither a safe nor friendly place paves a path for evidence of this to show up in your world. So, maybe people don’t hold the door for you, you rarely meet strangers in line, or you’ve experienced petty theft throughout your life experience. Maybe some days you experience the general goodness of the world and some days you feel its treachery. This is a primary example of the law of attraction at work and showcases how your point of attraction is malleable. You have the ability to move from Pluto toward the Sun.  Pluto and Neptune do not think the world is a safe and friendly place, but Jupiter might consider this as a possibility. 

It is your job to bring awareness to your energy, and beliefs (conscious and unconscious) because these are the variables that are dictating your external world. Your internal realm literally creates your external reality. This is what we call “manifesting”. Stay tuned for future blogs going into detail about the manifestation component of the law of attraction.

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